School Choice

Parents have a choice in where to educate their children and cost should not be the deciding factor. Tuition scholarships give parents the power and freedom to choose the education that meets their child’s needs. YES Fund for Kids is here to help families interested in utilizing the Arizona Private School Tuition Tax Credit program to fund their tuition needs at a qualified Arizona private school, from kindergarten through 12th grade.

Arizona provides tax credits for contributions made to Certified School Tuition Organizations which provide scholarships to students enrolled in Arizona private schools.  Credits are available for donations made by individual taxpayers and for donations made by corporate taxpayers.

Individual Taxpayers

Two separate nonrefundable tax credits are available to individuals for contributions made to a Certified School Tuition Organization which provides scholarships for students enrolled in Arizona private schools.  An individual who is a shareholder of an S corporation may also claim two separate nonrefundable credits for contributions made by the S corporation when the S corporation qualifies for a corporate credit and elects to pass the credit through to its individual shareholders. For general information about school tax credits, see Arizona Department of Revenue School Tax Credits Publication #707

Corporate Taxpayers

There are two separate nonrefundable corporate tuition tax credits for donations made to Certified School Tuition Organizations which provides scholarships for students to attend Arizona private schools.  Due to the statutory caps on the aggregate amount of credits allowed in a fiscal year, both the low-income corporate tax credits and the disabled/displaced corporate tax credits must be pre-approved by the Arizona Department of Revenue.